Agropur Don Mills Collective Agreement

02 Dez Agropur Don Mills Collective Agreement

Senior management is not staffed by plant staff. Old facility, various operating problems. Quebec`s works are a priority. Agropur, a leading manufacturer of ice cream and news in Canada, is taking applications for a professional manufacturer of the… A very different workforce. People are kind and respectful especially in the lab. People will answer your questions if you are not aware of a particular procedure or if you are not familiar with the task at hand. They pay well, but part-time people get few comoares to full-time people There is a clear separation between managers and workers. Sometimes I feel a little tension between the two groups. Great people and camaraderie.

Flexible schedule. Very good benefits. Some people who were lazy were looked at because it was too troble to follow the problem. Lack of training and technical updates, professional engineers must hire to solve equipment planning problems. Do you want to spend more time with friends and family? With more than 50 plants and distribution centers across North America, we`re sure to have something close to home! Check out our job offers to find out more. A very large company as a cooperative in the dairy sector looking for more than one job? Do you want to be part of a team where everyone is on the same side and people support each other? Do you want to be in a work environment where you can learn a new trade or develop your existing skills? What is the top health and safety priority #1? It`s Agropur! Come to a team where everyone counts. More than 8,800 employees in 35 factories work almost 24 hours a day to process millions of litres of milk through the sweat of brewing or the cold of the cold cold of the cold room. They are proud to put quality chocolate milk, ice cream and cheese on grocery shelves in their neighbourhood and across the country.

We need competent operators, managers, electromechanics, quality experts, superiors and managers to produce and distribute our products. If so, look at our job offers and send us your application. Our factories, laboratories and distribution centres are occupied by people who do the work. Every day, they work together to produce and distribute products at the highest level. We regularly look for experienced operators, managers, electromechanics, quality specialists, superiors and managers – in a nutshell, talented people who want to use their skills to create and distribute products they can be proud of. If you are in this description, please browse our job offers and submit your application. Few or no career advancement opportunities if you are from Quebec in Agropur, diversity is real at all levels and it gives us strength. Our blend of cultures, trades and individuals is the one that drives us and allows us to offer the cream of the cream of dairy products throughout North America. What Agropur has to offer: You can join the Agropur family! Agropur offers competitive salaries, benefits and pension plans and is a great place to… Choose another language and continue to read other reviews.