Bookstore Consignment Agreement

08 Apr Bookstore Consignment Agreement

Due to the cost-effectiveness of the port and the sale of books by independent authors, our policy is to take such books on the air. For consignment, we only make author`s books or books relevant to our region. Please download our shipping contract and read it in advance and make sure it works for you before planning a meeting. (Note: a meeting with a buyer does not guarantee that your book will be accepted for stock). For each single title (not all books), a storage fee of $20 is charged. Over the years, I have expressed my opinion that bookstores are one of the worst places to sell books. Personally, I don`t spend time or effort tracking the sale of bookstores. There are, however, exceptions to any rule. It can be nice to be able to tell colleagues that your book is available in a local store. So it`s up to you to decide whether it`s worth it or not. It certainly can`t hurt to place your books in a few stores, but it probably won`t lead to fame and happiness! The standard discount for bookstores is usually 40% off the sale price of your book. So if your book is on sale for $14.99, you can deduct 40% of the price ($6.00), and the balance is what the store pays you for each book sold ($8.99).

You are sometimes asked to sell your books at 50% off the retail market, which is a standard discount for other types of retailers such as souvenir shops, grocery stores and restaurants. Please note that we have updated our delivery contract from January 2020. If you are interested in placing your books in The Galaxy Bookshop on a shipping basis, please download the shipping package below for more details. Included is a complete list of conditions, contract of consignment and advice to succeed! Thank you for considering our bookstore for the placement of your book. As we are often challenged throughout the year by authors who hope that we will sell their books, it has become necessary to develop a written policy so that all expectations are clear. Over the years, many authors have asked me how to sell their books in local bookstores. As a former bookseller, I can tell you that it is probably easier than you think. Most local bookstores, especially independents, are happy to support local authors. You can even have a special section dedicated to books by local authors (we did it in my store).

However, not all stores will be willing to buy the books directly from you. Many will ask that you offer them on the air, and they will pay for them once the books are sold.