Brazil Leaves Paris Agreement

04 Dez Brazil Leaves Paris Agreement

Since Trump`s announcement, the U.S. federal government has continued to send delegates to UN climate summits and will continue to do so at the next summit in Poland in December. They are competing with a rival delegation of U.S. governors, mayors and business leaders, all of whom have promised that U.S. states would compensate for the lack of federal government action. The United States can leave the agreement, but California cannot. But there will not only be a stick, there will also be a carrot. The Europeans want to point out to Bolsonaro and the powerful agricultural interests who argue him that Brazil is one of the main beneficiaries of the signing of the Paris Agreement. Being on the front line both in terms of vulnerability to climate change and the ability to fight climate change, the country receives, under the Paris regime, millions of subsidies that would disappear when it leaves the agreement. A bolsonro statement before the October 2018 run-off was widely reported as a reversal of his intention to abandon the Paris agreement, but there was no reversal. Bolsonaro said Brazil would remain in the agreement if “someone” could give it a written guarantee that there would be no “triple A” project and that there would be no “independence of an indigenous territory.” Triple A refers to a proposal by a Colombian NGO for a chain of protected areas linking the Andes to the Atlantic, which Bolsonaro considers a foreign conspiracy to withdraw the Amazon from Brazil, while “the independence of each indigenous region” refers to his belief that foreign governments are trying to convince indigenous peoples to declare their independence from Brazil so that conspiracy governments can recognize the territories and take control of the Amazon. “Some have not really read the agreement and have circulated rumors, misinterpretations that terrify people,” she said.

Questioned by CEO Bolsonaro at a closed-door meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on 22 January 2019, he said Brazil would remain in the agreement, but his statement is quoted as qualified that the country will participate “for now” in the agreement. A few minutes earlier, Mr. Bolsonaro had not taken a public position on this in his prepared plenary speech. Speaking at this year`s annual UN meeting, French President Emmanuel Macron, who considers himself the guardian of the Paris Treaty, said his country, and therefore the EU as a whole, would not sign a trade agreement with a country that is not included in the Paris agreement.