Jobtrainer Agreement

10 Apr Jobtrainer Agreement

The government says that short training by “employment coaches” will target areas of need identified by the National Skills Commission in consultation with states. Sectors likely to be covered include health, transportation, postal and storage, manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade. The job trainer component would provide Canberra with $500 million, with corresponding state contributions, to free or low-cost training programs made available by public, private and non-profit providers to enable retraining. All the RTOs listed on this site have agreements with the ACT government, that is, they meet the requirements for the provision of free training places for job learning and can issue you a nationally recognized qualification or performance statement. States and territories must sign a new agreement on access to apprenticeship funds, with the agreement providing for immediate reforms to improve the vocational training sector and providing the basis for long-term improvements, as the Prime Minister said in his recent speech to the National Press Club. In light of the new labour force data expected on Thursday, which will show a further rise in Australia`s unemployment rate, the Prime Minister will present a “job coach” proposal that he presented with prime ministers and prime ministers at the national cabinet meeting last Friday. Morrison marked the program with the premiers and Denchief ministers and said the reaction from the leaders was positive. The revision calls for governments to sign a new agreement setting out reforms to the vocational training system, including an effective price for qualification. These include public, not-for-profit and private organizations. The Heads of Agreement for Skills Reform, signed in 2020 between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories, created the JobTrainer Fund. The fund is part of the JobTrainer package, which consists of two components: (1) USD 1.5 billion for the development and extension of the “Support for Apprentices and Apprentices” initiative; and (2) $500 million investment in the Work Coaches Fund with consistent contributions from state and territory governments. The new $1 billion JobTrainer program will create up to 340,700 additional training spaces to enable school leavers and job seekers to access short and long courses, develop new skills in growing sectors and create a path to more qualifications.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, employing up to 199 people, who had an apprentice as of July 1, are entitled to wage subsidies to support their apprentices. For more information on the framework, see Training Fee Framework. “Our nation faces many challenges and it is essential that we keep our apprentices at work and help those looking for work,” said Minister Cash.