Lisbon Agreement For The Protection Of Appellations Of Origin Pdf

10 Apr Lisbon Agreement For The Protection Of Appellations Of Origin Pdf

Statement agreed under Article 11, paragraph 2: For the purposes of this Act, it is considered that if certain elements of the name or indication constituting the name of origin or geographical indication are generic in the part of the original contract, their protection under this paragraph is not required in the other contracting parties. The denial or cancellation of a trademark or the finding of an infringement in the section 11 contracting parties cannot be based on the generic component. 2) [Possible Geographical Regions of Origin] A geographical area of origin referred to in paragraph 1 may consist of the entire territory of the party or region of origin, place or place within the part of the original contract. This does not exclude the application of this Law to a geographic area of origin referred to in paragraph 1, consisting of one or part of a cross-border geographic area. (a) listed a number of benefits of the EU`s consumer policy (quality assurance), producers (opening the system to all producers who meet quality requirements; fair competition); The price premium Effective protection), society as a whole (link between valuable products and rural areas; preservation of tradition; Reintegrate producers and consumers) and the environment (linking traditional products to landscapes and agricultural systems). In evaluating the economic data for each of the 27 GIs recorded in the EU-27 between 2005 and 2010, the study showed that the average price of an GI product is 2.23 times that of a comparable non-GI product. The turnover of EU companies (all sectors combined) amounted to 54.3 billion euros in 2010 (or 5.7% of the EU`s food and beverage sector as a whole); the estimated value of EU exports for GIs is EUR 11.5 billion (15% of food and beverage industry exports to the EU). . The 1958 Lisbon Agreement on the Protection of Names of Origin and their international registration is a treaty managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which is open to contracting parties to the Paris Convention on the Protection of Industrial Property. Its contracting parties are required to protect on their territory the names of origin of the products of other contracting parties that are recognized and protected as such in the country of origin and which are registered with the International Office of WIPO, unless they declare that they are unable to provide protection within one year of the date of the application for registration.