Turism De Agreement

13 Apr Turism De Agreement

11.5. The traveller states that prior to the conclusion of this contract, the organiser provided him with all the essential information on contract services. B, such as: destination, itinerary, travel time, number of overnight stays, means of transport, accommodation and meals, other services included in the package, minimum number of people needed to perform travel services, knowledge of the language necessary for oral communication, information for people with reduced mobility, general information on the visa and passport regime and on health procedures in the destination country, information about the organisation/stop office, the overall price of the package, the payment method, the collateral, information on the possibility for the traveller to terminate the contract at any time before the start of the package, and information on optional or compulsory insurance covering the cost of termination of the contract by the traveller or the traveller`s assistance or the traveller`s assistance fee , including return costs in the event of an accident, illness or death, which he expressly accepts. 5.14. The traveller acknowledges that the services he acquires without being part of the contract with the travel agency are under the strict responsibility of the local supplier, are subject to the legislation of the country of destination and that the organiser is not responsible for the services in question. 4.1. The Agency undertakes to make a purchase order available to the traveller only if travel services are not part of the travel agency`s own/standard offer and require confirmation of booking from other providers. In the case of a request for travel services included in the travel agency`s own offer or if there is already confirmation of the booking by other providers, the organising travel agency may make a purchase order available to the traveller if it deems it necessary. 4.2. If the Tourism Agency organization is to amend one of the essential provisions of the contract, for example.B.: included services, travel dates, changes to the accommodation category, etc., it is required to inform the traveller at least 15 days before the departure date, unless it is overbooking that cannot be controlled by the Agency, subject or avoided.

In cases 4.7 a.b) and (c), information must be provided in a timely manner to allow the traveller to choose to begin the journey. 4.3. In the case of the acquisition of air travel services and the provision of air transport, the airline has the right to change flight times without the approval of the travel agency operating the tourism program. Therefore, the Tourism Organization is not responsible for the take-off/landing of aircraft at any time other than that included in the tourism programme.