Water Security Agency Collective Agreement

20 Dez Water Security Agency Collective Agreement

November 15, 2019 – Employees of SaskTel, SaskEnergy, SaskPower, SaskWater and the Water Safety Agency (ESC) have ratified new collective agreements. Employees join SecurTek and DirectWest employees, who have previously ratified agreements with their employer. The final step in concluding collective agreements will be the agreement of the respective boards of directors in the coming weeks. The Water Safety Service is responsible for the province`s entire water management, which owns and operates 72 dams and water supply channels in Saskatchewan. The press release states that final details of the agreement will not be published until the ratification process is completed. The province says the Water Safety Agency and Unifor Local 820 have an agreement that has yet to be ratified by the Agency`s 138 employees. REGINA — Water Safety Agency union employees have reached a preliminary agreement, according to the province. The province agreed with the crowns on October 20 after a 17-day labour dispute. The unions voted on 28 October in favour of ratifying the agreements and adopted the agreement on Thursday. Unifor`s management and negotiating teams reached interim agreements on 20 October following a 17-day labour dispute. The ratification votes took place across the province from 28 October and the final ratification meeting was held on 14 November 2019. According to the province, the agency has reached an agreement with Unifor Local 820. Details will not be published until the agreement has been ratified.

In a statement from Unifor, it was said that members of Crown`s six remaining employers were disappointed to hear the interim agreement reached by the ETUC. “I am pleased that we have reached a preliminary agreement with the Unifor bargaining unit,” said Susan Ross, President and CEO of the Water Safety Agency. A spokesman for the water protection agency said workers returned to work on Thursday on a work basis and would continue to do so until the agreement was ratified. The ETUC oversees Saskatchewan`s essential water management tasks. It owns and operates 72 dams throughout the province. “We are very pleased that Unifor staff voted to ratify their respective agreements,” said Finance Minister Donna Harpauer. “We believe that agreements are fair and equitable, and provide long-term stability for both employees and Crown businesses and agencies. Thank you to the management and union teams for their hard work and commitment throughout the process. The Saskatchewan government says a Crown agency has reached a preliminary agreement with the union, which represents some workers who left work last week.

SaskEnergy, SaskWater and SaskPower have agreed on a six-year contract with a seven per cent increase: the six-year contract ratified at the ETUC provides for a 6% increase in annual salaries over six years with an additional 1% increase in the pension: in a prepared statement, a federal president of Unifor said the union was disappointed by the interim agreement. The water safety service manages provincial water supplies, protects water quality, ensures safe drinking water and treats wastewater. The SaskTel agreement, ratified, provides for a package of 5.0 percent over five years and includes: The province says that the details of the preliminary agreement will not be published until it has been ratified by unifor Local 820 members.