Your Payment Agreement With Twitch Interactive Was Canceled

22 Dez Your Payment Agreement With Twitch Interactive Was Canceled

These terms of sale, as well as the terms of use, form the full agreement between you and Twitch regarding the purchases you make with the Twitch service and replace all previous agreements between you and Twitch with respect to these purchases. Twitch`s failure to exercise or enforce a right or provision of these terms of sale does not constitute a waiver of that right or provision in this or other case. If a provision of this agreement were to be struck down, the rest of this agreement would remain fully in force and effective. If a provision of these Terms of Sale is found to be unlawful, non-feasible or unenforceable for any reason, that provision is deemed to be dissociable from these terms of sale and does not affect the validity and applicability of the other provisions. In the event of a conflict between these conditions of sale and the terms of use, the terms of use will be monitored. You and Twitch agree to settle any disputes arising from these terms of sale or your use of the Twitch service, except that you and Twitch are not obligated to settle disputes for which one of the parties seeks a fair and other exemption for the alleged illegal use of copyright, trademarks, logos, trade secrets or patents. ARBITRATION PREVENTS YOU FROM SUING IN COURT OR FROM HAVING A JURY TRIAL. You and Twitch agree that you will inquire about any dispute in writing within 30 days of the date of their appearance. Twitch`s message is sent to Twitch Interactive, Inc., Attn: General Counsel, 350 Bush Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104.

You and Twitch also agree: try an informal solution before any arbitration request; Arbitration will be held in San Francisco County, California; that the arbitration procedure is conducted confidentially by a single arbitrator in accordance with jamS rules; and that the public or federal courts of San Francisco County, California, are exclusively competent for all appeals of a sentence and for any action between parties that are not the subject of arbitration proceedings. Apart from the collective proceedings and remedies discussed below, the arbitrator has the power to grant remedies that would otherwise be available in court. Any dispute between the parties is subject to this Agreement and the laws of the State of California and the applicable law of the United States, without the conflict of laws that provide for the application of the law of another jurisdiction. Whether the dispute is before an arbitration or judicial tribunal, you and Twitch will not initiate collective action, collective arbitration or other representative action or other proceedings against the other. 17.4. Sustainability. Any provision that a provision of this Agreement or its application is invalidated, unlawful or unenforceable in any capacity does not affect the validity, legality and applicability of that provision in another case or the validity, legality or applicability of another provision of this Agreement, and this provision is deemed to be reintroduced to reflect as much as possible the original intentions of the parties , in accordance with applicable law. 4.1. Terms of payment. The program fees that Twitch pays them are paid monthly within forty-five (45) days following the end of each calendar month, in U.S.

dollars minus (a) settlement and payment fees (including monthly and pre-transactional fees and merchant bank fees). and (b) returns, refunds, retro-books, rebates and credits; if you have provided Twitch with all the necessary and reasonable documents for payment in a timely manner (for example. B W9 and the like).